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Your Free Trial Induction

Flexibility. Skill. Balance. Speed. Agility. Power.

Bring a drink, towel, comfortable clothing, and maybe a friend and we'll do the rest. You will be made very welcome and will have time to spend with your teacher prior to the session to explain the activity to you and register you for your free session.

Classes typically last 60 minutes and are suitable for all and the teacher-trainee ratio is 1:10. They comprise of 8 phased elements which develop your Flexibility, Skill, Balance, Speed, Agility and Power.

You'll be guided through a nice easy warm-up which over time will help improve your flexibility. It's then time to work on rehearsing deflecting punches and counter striking an imaginary opponent. You will then move on to rehearsing this with a like-minded partner. Now time to start moving your feet to improve the power and effectiveness of you technique. Naturally you'll want to prove to yourself that the technique works for real and that you can deliver an effective punch so we add pad-work here so you can let go without worrying about hurting yourself or your partner. You then start adding some footwork to this and now your really moving.

Argentina: Jeremias A Zaghis' school in action

To start winding-down you rehearse your original moves to prepare you for when you start practising again the next day (if you can wait that long). It's then time to complete the session with some gentle cool-down postures for that feel-good effect.

You'll feel great now because you have been looked after, had a great time, learnt some cool and clever moves that will impress your friends and family and feel that you've started something special. Just think how skilful, fit, flexible you'll be in a few months.

There are many benefits of practising Autodefence-Wing Tchun.

If in doubt, consult your GP before commencing any physical exercise.