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The Team

Nick Smart is now the head of the Autodefence Wing Tchun Training Team and with his colleague Milan Prosenica he created the best way of learning Wing Tchun with the Autodefence package.

Principal Coaches

Picture of Nick Smart, click to visit Nick's page

Nick Smart,
Principal of the ADWT

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Picture of Milan Prosenica, click to visit Milan's page

Milan Prosenica,
Co-Principal of the AWTT

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Master Coaches

Picture of Darren Thomas, Chorley

Darren Thomas,

Picture of Vince Cilia, Malta

Vince Cilia,

Picture of Stephen Woolston, Norwich

Stephen Woolston,

Picture of Eric Bacci, Godalming

Eric Bacci,

Picture of Lali Horvath, Bratislava

Lali Horvath,
Bratislava (Slovakia)

Picture of Colin Wareing

Colin Wareing,

Picture of Daniel Goodall

Daniel Goodall

Picture of Joe Henderson

Joe Henderson

Head Coaches

Picture of Stéphane Llenas

Stéphane Llenas,

Picture of Norman Murray

Norman Murray,

Senior Trainers

Picture of Jeremias Zaghis

Jeremias Zaghis